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Homeschool Help with Hess UnAcademy

Helping parents find fun homeschooling tips, engaging STEAM activities, and exciting learning activities for kids.

Are you looking for simple homeschool help?

Are you on the lookout for fun STEM activities for kids aged 3-19?

What about free printable learning resources that make homeschooling easy for everyone?

Your days of scouring the internet are OVER! Make Hess UnAcademy your one-stop shop for all things homeschooling, STEAM, and printable learning resources for kids of all ages!

Get ready for an exciting educational adventure.

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Parenting is tough.
Homeschooling is even tougher.
Throw in trying to raise kids of character with a whole list of success principles under their belts and you might find this whole thing downright impossible!

But have no fear because we’re here to help!

At Hess Un-Academy, we are passionate about providing parents with the tools they need to succeed.

So whether you are looking for the most effective (and fun!) homeschooling tips and resources,

Or you are on a search for help in teaching your kids top-notch character-building success principles,

You have come to the right place.

Top Resources for Homeschooling Parents

atoms and molecules dancing around STEM activities for elementary kids

If your kids are into hands-on learning activities, why not try one of these fun STEM activities? STEM (or STEAM) activities are a great way to get some good quality learning in while also having a great time!

cartoon paper and pencil and free printable worksheets for kids

What homeschool would be complete without access to free printable worksheets for kids? We’ve got worksheets for just about every subject, and we’re working diligently to add more all the time.

green worm reading a purple book about homeschool curriculum tips

When it comes to curriculums and programs, there is a lot to consider! Come read our top homeschool curriculum tips, find some comparison charts, and get some organization and storage ideas.

Homeschool Help with Hess UnAcademy 5

Unit studies are a great way to use done-for-you lesson plans revolving around a specific topic. We have an awesome collection of unit studies for homeschoolers that are both paid and free here for you to enjoy.

Colorful party popper for year round holiday homeschooling content

Homeschooling shouldn’t be all work and no play. In fact, we are strong believers in the idea that homeschooling should be a whole lot of fun! Take a look at our collection of year-round educational holiday activities and pick out something fun to do today.

Or dive into our collection of educational games

film camera showcasing movies for homeschoolers

Did you know your kids can use movies and other sources of media to learn? It’s true! Many families enjoy using digital devices in their studies. Learn some top tips for adding movies for homeschoolers into your schedule.

Top Resources for Teaching Kids Success Principles

cartoon of a dark skinned girl wearing superhero goggles

These days, raising kids of character is more important than ever and nobody else is going to do it better than you can. Learn our top tips for teaching kids success principles that will truly set them up for a lifetime of happiness.

Speaking of teaching kids success principles, our free Life Hack Training Series is a fantastic resource for teaching kids these life lessons and skills.

Homeschool Help with Hess UnAcademy 6

On the topic of character building, take a look at the top 100 success principles you need to teach your kids. Which ones have your kids mastered? Teaching kids correct morals is a critical, and oftentimes overlooked, goal.

Why Hess Un-Academy?

We have been homeschooling our children for more than 10 years. 

Over the years, we have made a lot of mistakes.  We have also learned a lot of useful stuff!  

We have learned how to successfully nurture 7 young kids.  We have learned how to teach these kids morally correct principles, along with useful real-world knowledge.

Now we are learning how to take our experiences and share them with homeschooling families all over the world!

We hope to share our decade’s worth of experience with you and make your homeschooling journey just a little bit easier.

So please, join us on our life-long journey of learning and see what Hess Un-Academy can do for you. We’re so happy you’re here.

Welcome to Hess Un-Academy Homeschool

Please Join Us On

Our Life-Long Journey of Learning

homeschool mom and daughter enjoying some free homeschooling resources and printables from Hess UnAcademy
Hess UnAcademy is your one stop for homeschooling help, tips, resources, and printables.

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Or view the entire collection of parenting and homeschooling web stories from Hess UnAcademy.

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